My Family Album

 Since 1985 I have been happily married to Gabi, née Kneisl, a native of the Typrolean alpine village of Soelden where some of the best ski runs in the world are located. In 1995 we moved to Munich, where we live rioght in the center oftown near the banks of the Isar River and just across from the Gasteig Concert Hall (a real perk for such music lovers as ourselves). Our daughter Valerie was born on Oct. 24, 1985. She is now a student at a private secondary school in Munich.
Like any proud family man I would like to show off a few snapshots of my two favorite girls, so here they are:

The Pieta
This photograph shows Gabi and Valerie in a rare conciliatory mood on the steps of the Guggenheim Collection in Venice. I am particularily proud of this picture because for once I got the composition right, with Valerie's horrible yellow pants corresponding beautifully with the color of the walls and here green t-shirt blending in with the lush Italian vegetation.

At the campfire
Gabi hates to have her picture taken. My friend Freund Fritz Bräuniger of Editor Network managed to "shoot" her during a picnic outing before she could turn away, resulting in what I think is the most natural and lovely photo of my wife that I have ever seen.

Daddy's darling
It seems to be impossible, on the other hand, to take an unflattering picture of Valerie. Here she is gazing out at the gonolas on the Venice Lagoon, the sun which is highlighting her wonderful red hair has also brought out a fine new crop of freckles on her cheeks and nose - this of course is how her Daddy would like to remember her always!