The origin of the name Cole

 These are excerpts from "The Descendants Of James Cole Of Plymouth, 1633"  by Ernest Byron Cole (The Grafton Press, 1908) :
James Edwin Cole aus London, England, in his genealogy of the family of Cole of the County of Devon, says: "Much ingenious speculation has been expended on the origin and signification of the name of Cole. In a new system or analysis of ancient mythology by Jacob Bryant of Cypersham, is an elaborate dissertaion thereon, consisting of more than three quarto-pages, wherein he shows it to be the same as Cou-el or Co-el. Heavenly, or the House or Region of Deity, for the place of worship was, in many instances, taken for the person to who the worship was directed. He says that Colins from Coel, the old Latin forum of Coleus, meant "a Sacred or Heavenly person, in other worlds a priest of Coelus."