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Digital Enlightenment Terminology (1)

Transparency is a value in itself and a necessary step along the path to Digital Enlightenment




Old content, new context

Is copying really cheating? Or is it in fact a form of art?

posted on Dec. 12, 2014





 Going public

The notion of privacy is less than 200 years old. The rest our history we lived in villages, where everything is known about everybody. So what else is new?

posted 1. Dec, 2014


Digital Bedouine

Digital Bedouine seeks digital oasis

Learning that we only need to store really important things in our biological memory is the most important lesson of all. Everything else we can find online.

posted Nov. 30, 2014


work in the park

The New Life Plan

Where, when and how will we all work tomorrow?

posted Nov. 28, 2014




No duh, butt munch!

 Generation Now

Maybe infantilization and instant gratification aren’t that bad after all.

posted Nov. 24, 2014




Are social media time savers or time killers?

Like a jilted lover, Facebook can be really hard to shake off!

posted Nov. 15, 2014





Everybody’s gone surfin

There seems to be a correlation between the willingness of an individual to deal with things digital and one’s age (or better: one’s stage of development).

posted Nov. 10, 2014



Digitalization Moves Markets

Digitalization is surely the single biggest “megatrend” of the past decades. Everything that can be digitized will be digitized, sooner or later.

posted Nov. 6, 2014



Why do we need a Digital Enlightenment?

In our book Ossi and I refute countless generations of cultural pessimists, from Socrates to Schirrmacher, and in the process contribute to a necessary discussion about what we think of as “Digital Enlightenment”

posted Nov.1, 2014

I feel the need, the need for speed!

Living at Internet Speed

“You must come from a slow sort of country!“, the Red Queen said. „Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!”

posted Oct. 30, 2014

And how are you feeling lately?

 How digitalization and networking are changing us

 The Internet changes everything, so why not its users, too? This is this aspect of digital acceleration and change that cultural pessimists hate the most. Yet in fact it would be surprising if it were otherwise.

posted Oct. 27, 2014


...so what's next?Evolution in fast-forward

 Humans have always lived in symbiosis with their tools. By inventing more and more sophisticated and intelligent tools, mankind has change itself and become smarter.

posted Oct. 17, 2014


The housewife's work is never done Why Mulitasking Tauma is Just a Myth

 Multitasking is not a form of bodily injury, as Frank Schirrmacher wourld have us believe. The ability to multitask is inherent in all of us; it is in fact hardwired into our brains.

posted Oct. 7, 2014


Uber mimi Uber, Buzzfeed and the Future of Journalism

 Whether Uber is in fact out to get journalists, or maybe Emil Michael just had a few too many, we may never know for sure. But the resulting storm in a water glass (or wine glass, for that matter) should remind us all that bloggers are not always qualified journalists.

posted Oct. 2, 2014


 Thinking in real time

 The Internet can give us the ability to think simultaneously and synchronously, or at least it creates the necessary conditions.

posted Sept. 30, 014



Digital Native

 Why Digital Natives are not a new generation

The ability of the individual to adapt to a changing communications environment has more to do with how we experience and react to changes around us.

posted Sept. 27, 2014



imaginary networks

 The history and future of networking

 Why the Web brings the workings of society closer to the workings of our minds.

posted Sept. 20, 2014

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