Lecture topics

Digital Transformation

The next 5 to 10 years will decide who will belong to the digital winners and losers. 

Digital Transformation is mainly about improving process efficiency and focusing more on your customers. It will radically reshape the way businesses do business.

  • Enterprises need to build bridges between the many digital islands they have created during the first wave of digitalization
  • Electronic control and coordination of internal and external business processes will unlock revolutionary new ways to enhancing the customer experience and creating new value.
  • Digital Transformation is not one-size-fits-all. Every enterprise needs to take a close look at the way it works and how it presents itself to the public. Customers are more critical than ever before – and more powerful!


Enterprise 2020

The Internet was only the beginning!

  • How – and where – will we work tomorrow?
  • How do we deal with customers and employees who have grown up in a wried world?
  • How do we reset our business?
  • What can we learn from other enterprises who have already dealt successfully with the disruptive effects of Digital Transformation?


Social, Mobile, Big Data: a perfect storm

Can we ride the wave of total information, or will web e drowned by it?

  • Three megatrens that will combine to reshape the world
  • Opportunities and risks of digital transparency
  • What do consumers and citizens expect from businesses, governments and society?


Digital Dummies

Understanding Digital Enlightenment

  • Will Google soon tell us what we should think?
  • Stop worrying about information overload!
  • Home sapiens 2.0: Why Digital Transformation is simply part of the normal human evolution process

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