Trump bashes Germany with false facts about crime

On his way to the G7 meeting in Biaritz, our Delusionist in Chief let off another one of his flatulent falsehoods, claiming that crime in Germany is „way up“ and that people in Germany are therefore „turning against their leadership“.

I try and try to keep my teeth gritted until this nightmare of a presidency is over, hopefully in January 2021, but this one is such a whopper that I needed to let off steam by telling the true story, which is that crime rates in Germany have been falling for decades and in 2018 dropped to about 5.5 million cases. This includes everything from first degreee murder to a slap on your wrist by a local policeman.

Correspondingly, the „Aufklärungsquote“, or crime clearance rate, rose to an all-time high in 2018 of over 50%. Just to remind you: Chicago’s police only manages to solve 14% of homicides. In Germany the rate last year was 95.3%! German policemen always catch their man (or woman)!

And if Trump thinks he can brag, he should take a peek at the total number of crimes committed worldwide. Yeah, it’s America First again – hardly a distrinction he or anyone else should be proud of. Me, I’ll take Austria any day…

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