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I am possibly the oldest living Internet journalist in Germany. and definately one of the very first bloggers here, having started my „Online Diary“ way back in 1995.

I was born in 1950 in Washington State, but I have lived in Germany for almost all of my adult life.

Over the years, I have become an experienced public speaker, book author and moderator and TV anchor in the fields eBusiness and IT security.

My next-to-lastbook, “Unternehmen 2020″ („Enterprise 2020“), published in German by Carl Hanser, has become a standard textbook for non-technical managers involved in IT decision-making.

My latest book, „Digital Enlightenment“, which I wrote together with my friend Ossi Urchs, will be pubolished in English soon.

As the former editor “Net Investor”, a business magazine, as well as a contributor and columnist for a number of leading European newspapers and magazines, I have a proven track record for objectivity and for critically evaluating the impact of technology on business processes and markets.


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