Repeating History in Israel

He wrote in in 1991, and he died in 2013, but „The Sum of all Fears“ sounds just like a newspaper report from the aftermath of the recent Hamas attack of October 7, 2023.
„As is true of most glorious defensive stands, this one was largely unnecessary. The Israelis had misread intelligence reports which, had they been acted on as little as twelve hours earlier, would have enabled them to execute pre-set plans and pour reserves onto the Heights hours before the onslaught commenced. Had they done so, there would have been no heroic stand. There would have been no need for their tankers and infantrymen to die in numbers so great that it would be weeks before the true casualty figures were released to the proud, but grievously wounded nation. Had the information been acted upon, the Syrians would have been massacred before the Purple Line for all their lavish collection of tanks and guns – and there is little glory in massacres. This failure of intelligence has never been adequately explained. Did the fables Mossad fail so utterly to discern the Arabs’ plans? Or did Israeli political leaders fail to recognize the warnings they received?“
Who says history doesn’t repeat itself?
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