Florence on the Potomac

I never thought I would yearn wistfully for a Newt Gingrich resurgence, but watching the sudden rise of Rick Santatorium has triggered that urge. Heaven forbid that a religious nutcase like him should ever wield power in America. In fact, the Founding Fathers decided to separate church and state precisely to ensure that religious fanatics didn’t hijack the system and turn the Republic into some kind of Florence on the Potomac, complete with Bonfires of the Vanities.

Just to remind ourselves what religious zealots used for fuel back in the 15th century: “mirrors, cosmetics, lewd pictures, pagan books, immoral sculptures, gaming tables, chess pieces, lutes and other musical instruments, fine dresses, women’s hats, and the works of immoral and ancient poets”, according to Wikipedia.

Mr. Santatorium (a.k.a. “Mullah Rick”, according to the New York Times’ Maureen Dowd) wants to throw contraceptives on his American Pyre, besides launching a crusade on “sensuality”. Presumably, this means enjoying sex as opposed to enduring it (as briefly as possible, of course) in order to procreate. (For a list of “Rick Santorum’s 12 Most Offensive Statements“, go to the ThinkProgress blog).

If that is what Tea Potties in America want, then give me the Newt any day. He may be evil, but at least he’s not plain crazy.

BTW: What do you call the Santatorium bandwagon? A “rick-shaw”, of course…

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