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Which do you prefer: a Kant Car or an Aristoles Audi?

Driverless vehicles will have to deal with tricky life or death decisions which philosophers have argued about for years. So who will the artificial intelligences behind the wheel choose to favor? I asked Janina Loh, who teaches philosophy at the … Weiterlesen

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Microsoft partners with mapping companies

Microsoft has joined web mapping companies TomTom, HERE, and the geographic information system provider Esri as part of its ambitious plan to become a leading supplier in the autonomous and connected car marfket. The announcement comes as the US Transportation … Weiterlesen

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Digital Enlightenment Terminology (3)

This is the third part of a three-part series The third term we would like to add to the growing dictionary of Digital Enlightenment is “self-regulation”. In cybernetics, systems that regulate themselves are widespread; in fact the Internet itself is … Weiterlesen

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