The Wine Capital of the World? Would you believe Andorra?

The United States in the biggest market for wine, but Americans are far from leading the world as far as average consumption is concerned. According to an 2017 article in the London Telegraph, that honor goes to tiny Andorra, a remote but immensely rich principality in the eastern Pyrenees. According to data compiled by the U.S. Commerce Department’s International Trade Administration, the approximately 70,000 Andorrans guzzle almost 4 million liters a year, which equals 56.9 liters or 76 bottles per head and year. That is including minors who, presumably, do not contribute to those figures. Since Andorra is a popular ski destination and tax haven, lots of that consumption can be traced to après-ski and duty-free shopping. The world’s Top Ten are:

1. Andorra – 56.9 liters
2. Vatican City – 56.2
3. Croatia – 46.9
4. Portugal – 43.7
5. France – 43.1
6. Slovenia – 42.5
7. Macedonia – 40.4
8. Falkland Islands – 38.5
9. Switzerland – 37
10. Italy – 34.1

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