The boob-tube’s version of reality

Street violonvce in Germany is going down, TV violence is heading the other way

Street violonvce in Germany is going down, violence on TV is heading the other way

In 2014, exactly 298 people in Germany became victims of murder (see graph).

On an average evening, the two German public TV programs feature at least 4 or 5 murders during prime time, which adds up to around 1,500 a year.

What kind of reality are these channels showing us?

And don’t get me started on the privately-owned channels, but I guess they’re only in this to make money. The entire point of having state-sponsored TV stations is that they are supposed to be dedicated to the public good, to providing balanced reporting and programming aimed at improving people’s lives. Why else would every TV owner in Germany fork out the equivalent of about $25 a month to maintain them?

Or maybe I missed something here?

Maybe portraying the act of ending someone else’s life as part of everyday life somehow uplifting? Even though it has nothing to do with everyday life, at least not in Germany.

In America, maybe you could justify the constant portrayal of gun-related violence as a means of aclimatizing you audience to the conditions they find out in the streets. But not so here.

Maybe it’s high time licence payers in Germany got out their hammers and started smashing their TV sets…
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