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The Robin Hood of Languages

Did the Yiddish language start out in Italy or Germany? Another one of those questions on Quora that start the wheels in my head spinning round in circles, until finally this answer popped out: Linguistically, Yiddish refers to the language … Weiterlesen

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A Word That Says it All

Recently, someone on Quora asked „How did the phrase “oy vey” become popularized in the USA?“ This sent me scrambling for my well-leafed copy of Leo Rosten’s wonderful book, Joy of Yiddish, which is the penultimate guide to the variety … Weiterlesen

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Good Goys, Bad Guys

Kuddos to the Huffington Post for giving us one of the greatest headlines in recent times, namely „Goy, Bye“ for an article describing the firing of Stephen Bannon as Donald Trump’s strategy (now there’s an oxymoron for you) advisor. However, … Weiterlesen

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